Miracles are redundant, experience the Truth

“I look upon miracles as the greatest stumbling-blocks in the way of truth. When the disciples of Buddha told him of a man who had performed a so-called miracle–had taken a bowl from a great height without touching it–and showed him the bowl, he took it and crushed it under his feet and told them never to build their faith on miracles, but to look for truth in everlasting principles. He taught them the true inner light–the light of the spirit, which is the only safe light to go by. Miracles are only stumbling-blocks. Let us brush them aside.”

~ Swami Vivekananda

Talk given at Unity Hall, Hartford (Connecticut), USA, on March 8, 1895, as reported in “Hartford Times” (March 11, 1895). Complete Works, 1. 328.

* * * *

“Miracles are redundant, experience the Truth for yourself and not upon hearsay” ~ Guru Ujjwal Dey


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